Sound Off: From Innovation to Purchase

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Innovation Infographic

Think innovation communities can’t influence purchase behavior? Think again…

 In a study conducted with 800+ members of an Ipsos SMX Shopper Community, we determined that the value of innovation communities extends beyond generating insights, and can influence brand perception, equity and potentially impact purchase behavior among consumers. The vast majority of community members surveyed (92%) stated that being included in the innovation process makes them feel their opinions matter, and the brand cares about the needs of its customers. This was true across generations, whether Millennials, Gen X or Boomers. Furthermore, 9 in 10 who said they had a better impression of companies who included them in the innovation process said they were more likely to purchase brands or products from them. Have an innovation community? Looks like you’re on the right “path to purchase!”

To read the full case study, please click HERE.