Socialogue: Pure mADness!


Internet and television ads rank 1st & 2nd for places consumers get new brand and product information!

If there is a surface, small or large, there is a marketer figuring out how to use it. Ads have appeared on eggs, in bathroom stalls, on people’s foreheads! Most of us learn about new brands and products from more predictable places, though. Marketers take note: among the top three ways we learn about new brands and products, the Internet ranks highest at 68%, followed by TV advertising at 61% and then friends and family at 53%. Retail stores introduce new products to fewer than half of us, 43%, while 36% cite magazine advertising. Other ways rank far lower. The fact is, no matter where we look, we see or hear the latest new brands and products. The only way to avoid advertising these days is to put on a blindfold and get super-effective ear plugs.

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