SMXpert Interview Series

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A monthly interview series with Ipsos “SMXperts” to share knowledge, insights and innovations in leveraging communities and social intelligence for research.

Moderating for Better Insights

This month, Ipsos SMX Community Strategist, Rachel Belinky, answers some questions on how Community Managers establish trust and an ongoing engagement with participants while at the same time maintaining high research standards in moderation.

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From Empathy to Innovation

This month, Ipsos SMX Vice President, Christie Moorman, answers some questions on the differentiated approach that online communities offer, and how we work with brands to connect and co-create with consumers more deeply and efficiently

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Laurie Eddings Headshot

The Changing Face of Media and Technology Research

Ipsos SMX Director, Laurie Eddings, sat down to answer some questions on how brands can benefit from syndicated communities like Hear Watch Say, and how the Media and Technology industries are evolving.

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Defining MillennialsMG Photo

Ipsos SMX North America President, Menaka Gopinath, sheds some light on the characteristics that make Millennials so unique, and answers questions about how online communities are changing the game to engage this sought-after generation.

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