Social Business Intelligence Product Suite

Social Explore

For Innovation and Market Understanding

Gain consumer and category understanding by exploring trends, white spaces, product development and market entry performance.

Questions Social Explore can answer:

  • What does our market landscape look like?
  • What factors are driving target consumer decisions?
  • What are competitors doing?
  • What are the most important, possibly unmet consumer needs?

Social Health

For Brand Health and Integration

Compliment and augment awareness and reputation tracking to fill gaps in understanding.

Questions Social Health can answer:

  • How healthy is your brand?
  • Are we connecting with consumer needs?
  • Are there emerging trends that could affect our business?
  • What is the ‘why’ under specific tracker metrics?
  • Is our brand tracker catching everything?

Social Connect

For Loyalty and Communication

Uncover sentiment and drivers and assess performance of launches and campaigns.

Questions Social Connect can answer:

  • Is our messaging connecting with our target consumer?
  • Is our brand positioned for growth?
  • Are we communicating the right perceptions?
  • Does the consumer understand us in the way we want?
  • Who are our most important influencers and advocates?
  • How effective are our social marketing and content strategies?
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Ipsos SMX Social Business Intelligence pairs advanced technologies with proven frameworks and market research expertise, to connect brands with their consumers’ digital voice. Aggregating data from multiple sources, we deliver a single, coherent story and actionable insights to help build ongoing business knowledge critical to success.