Community Product Suite


A long-term community to inform multiple business objectives over time

6+ Months, 1,000+ Members

A long-term community to inform multiple business objectives, stakeholders and audiences over time. Provides on-tap research tools to execute numerous projects month over month, plus the ability to learn longitudinally from the members.

Ideal tool for:

  • Iterative and longitudinal learning
  • Supporting a high volume of research needs on-tap and over time
  • Addressing multiple business questions with segmented audiences


A short-term community for deep learning with a defined audience

1-5 Months, 100+ Members

A short-term community meant to focus on a specific objective or set of objectives. Provides a focused environment for deep learning with a defined audience, creating the ability to learn iteratively and address multiple business questions around a set initiative.

Ideal tool for:

  • Deep dive investigation around a set initiative
  • Pre-launch co-creation and ideation
  • Accelerating insights for innovation


Quick access for point-in-time engagement

2-5 Days, 50+ Members

A point-in-time engagement with consumers in a community environment, typically lasting a few days. Leverages existing communities managed by Ipsos, a brand’s existing Facebook fans, or custom sample recruit.

Ideal tool for:

  • Rich, rapid insights in a matter of days
  • Tapping into existing fan database or quick-turn sample
  • Integration with quantitative studies for deeper learning
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Our engagement based community practice hinges on trust, providing richer insights and the foundation for ongoing consumer relationships. Our differentiated approach saves our partners both time and money while delivering on-demand answers to pressing business questions.