“The 10 Golden Rules of Engagement” by Clarke De Pastino

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We are living in an age of technological revolution caused by the rapid and widespread adoption of online technologies and the active participation of virtually all members of the public in social media. Companies today understand that the effective integration of technology and social media in their research and marketing is critical to their ability to compete in the marketplace. Indeed, customers expect to be engaged by brands through a variety of media and devices. Companies therefore need to know how to harness the power of those mediums to best engage with their customers.

“Engagement” is such a hot topic that Mashable listed it among the “30 Overused Buzzwords in Digital Marketing.” AdAge and Google recently issued a joint report on brand engagement, stating that 90.8% of Generation C consumers regularly engage with brands online. In a recent Forrester Research report, David M. Cooperstein wrote “the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge of and engagement with customers.” What is missing in the dialogue is … Continue Reading